Tree Planting

First remember right tree, right place. If you get small trees that are bare root, remember they need to be planted as soon as you open the bag. They are stored in sealed bags and as soon as you open the bag they will start drying out. And plant in the winter for dormant season planting. You have greater flexibility in planting balled, burlap, and containerized seedlings because you have a root system that has soil with it, so the roots are protected. In MS you want to focus on fall, winter, and spring printing. The best time of year is the fall. Our soils are warm, and while the leaves might fall off the tree, what you see is dormant, but the roots are still growing. And because we have such hot and dry summers, fall gives your planting material a chance to become adapted to the site for much longer periods of time before they are tested by our hot summers. So I encourage people to plant in the fall. Dec to March, if you’re planting bare root seedlings. In spring, even with containerized material, plan on additional watering through the summer when it gets dry because those roots will not be completely established. Depending on the size of material, you will need at least 1 full year before it’s adapted to the site. And larger material will take even longer.