In addition to their roles as teachers and state-wide educators, our faculty and graduate students conduct applied and basic research, including:

Management of turfgrass diseases, insects, and weeds.

Developing best management practices for home-lawn and sports turf in order to prevent environmental risks. 

Mapping herbicide resistance and helping landscape managers manage resistant weeds.

Variety Trial Testing and Cultivar Development. More than a decade of research led to the development of four new and improved bermudagrass cultivars at Mississippi State University. Wayne Philley, a researcher in the MSU Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, was instrumental in developing these grasses in research supported by the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station. Philley continues his efforts to develop more high-quality turfgrass varieties. In order to increase the commercial visibility of the four new Bermudagrasses, each cultivar has been assigned a unique identifying mark. All four Bermudagrass brands are available for sale in Mississippi.

Identifying more shade tolerant bermudagrass varieties for use on athletic fields and golf courses.

Shade Tolerance