Lawn Care Operators – Application Data Management

As Lawn Care Operators (LCO’s) you’re managing numerous properties – each somewhat different. And as part of your state’s pesticide applicator regulations, you’re responsible for keeping up with a minimum amount of information concerning every application. 
So take a few notes about what you should be noting! You can do this via smart phone app, … Continue reading

Concerned about Bermudagrass Winterkill?

Turf managers across the Southeast are all aware that temperatures in 2014 have been lower than winters in the recent past. This has brought about renewed concern for winterkill of bermudagrass.  Will the turf survive the winter? Will spring green-up be delayed? Will replanting be necessary?  Research conducted at Mississippi State University has shown that newly planted bermudagrass is more susceptible to winter injury than mature stands. … Continue reading

Seeing patches on your bermudagrass? It may be Microdochium patch.

We have been getting many calls this past week about odd patches showing up on semi-dormant bermudagrass putting greens.  Microdochium patch (formerly Fusarium patch) is a foliar disease caused by Microdochium nivale.  This fungus also is the causal agent of pink snow mold.  The covers used to protect bermudagrass greens create the same environment as snow cover, … Continue reading

Buckhorn Plantain

by Michael D. Denney, Dylan Botelyr, and Wes Dyer

Identification: Buckhorn Plantain is a rosette-forming perennial herb with leafless, hairy flower stems. The fruit is composed of egg shaped capsules 1/6” long containing either one or two seeds per flower. Leaves are football shaped and stand between three and 10 inches long with short hairs that spiral around the stem. … Continue reading