An Open Invitation to come speak at MSU Turfgrass Seminar

For those who do not recognize the photos below; they are of the renowned Starkville eatery Bulldog Deli.  As you can see there are major changes happening.  After years of service this location will now be Bullydog Burger Co (still under the management of the same restaurant group, but a new dining concept).

The reason I bring this up is that for the past 16 years this is the location I have taken our Turfgrass Seminar Speakers to dine before Turfgrass Seminar.  I am sure that I have probably eaten with over a hundred speakers in that time period.  The last may have been MSU turfgrass Alum turned realtor Jerome Nettles.  I am not sure who the first was.  It would have been in January of 2000 with Dr. Krans, and Dr. Goaley.  I remember MSU Alumnus Jonathan Harris was one of our speakers that semester.

Turfgrass seminar is one of the threads that keeps our MSU Turfgrass alumni network strong.  It allows alumni to come back and share what they have been doing and what they have learned since leaving MSU.  It gives the students a chance to build their network by interacting with the speaker and many speakers find it is a great way to recruit potential co-op students or employees.  Sage advice has been passed out from “Nitrogen and Water are the 2 best plant growth regulators we have!” to “NEVER fool around with a member’s wife”

I need speakers for seminar this spring.  We usually use some of the early seminar to prepare for turf bowl but beginning February 25 to April 21 I need speakers every Thursday night at 6:30 pm.  If you can get here around 5 pm I will treat you to a sandwich someplace close to campus, maybe at the Bulldog Burger Co. (@BulldogBurgerCo on twitter).   If you are planning a baseball weekend in Starkville, starting it off with Turfgrass Seminar is a great plan.  The Baseball Bulldogs have home series the weekends of February 26: March 10 (Oregon); March 24 (Georgia); April 1 (Ole Miss); April 15 (Texas A&M, Super Bulldog Weekend).  If you cannot make it this spring perhaps next fall.  Dr. McCurday, Dr. Baldwin and I would love to see you!    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year #HailState