Forrest County Agricultural High School Students Visits with the Mississippi State University Turfgrass Team

Approximately 35 high school students traveled from Brooklyn, MS (just south of Hattiesburg) on Monday, March 7, 2016 to visit various turfgrass facilities at Mississippi State University.  Forrest County Agricultural High School teachers Mary Helen Lett (teaches Introduction to Agriculture), Mike Dale (teaches Agriculture and Natural Resources), and Rusty Coats (teaches Horticulture) accompanied the students on their trip. … Continue reading

An Open Invitation to come speak at MSU Turfgrass Seminar

For those who do not recognize the photos below; they are of the renowned Starkville eatery Bulldog Deli.  As you can see there are major changes happening.  After years of service this location will now be Bullydog Burger Co (still under the management of the same restaurant group, but a new dining concept).
The reason I bring this up is that for the past 16 years this is the location I have taken our Turfgrass Seminar Speakers to dine before Turfgrass Seminar.  … Continue reading

In the News: Bonus S product recall and refund

The following is an update about the new Scott’s Bonus S Weed and Feed. As early as March, Tim Ray, Ron Strahan at LSU, and several other counterparts along the coast had shared their concerns that the metsulfuron containing product was causing injury to centipedegrass. Scott’s has officially recalled this product and will now replace it with the old formulation containing atrazine. … Continue reading

Field Day Success

The 2014 Turfgrass Field day was a success. Numerous sponsors, vendors, and industry representatives are to thank for an excellent turn out.
Special thank you to our event staff:
MTA administrative assistant, Mrs. Linda Wells; her husband and retired Turf Extension specialist, Dr. Wayne Wells;  site managers Mr. Jason Ruffin and Mr. Wayne Langford, … Continue reading

Mississippi Turfgrass Magazine

Thanks to numerous sponsors, the Mississippi Turfgrass Association, and the MSU Extension Service, our MS Turfgrass Magazine has finally been published. There’s a lot of work involved in publishing a magazine – more than I had thought. But with continued support from current and future advertisers, this magazine can enhance the turfgrass industry in our state and beyond. … Continue reading