Phoneography Series: Part II

While the definition of Phoneography slightly differs for each person, simply put, it is taking pictures with your phone. Some people take it a step further by saying Phoneography is shooting, editing, producing, and uploading multimedia content with only a smart phone or tablet. Either way, this series will help you take better pictures with your smartphone or tablet camera.Continue reading

Phoneography Series: Part I

Most people do not carry around an actual camera with them any more. Since most cell phones come with a camera built it, it is easier and more convenient to grab your cell phone to take a picture. But it can be very disappointing when your picture turns out blurry, too dark or too light.
Over the next several weeks, … Continue reading

Is Siri sharing too much?

Did you know if you lost your iPhone (4s or newer), whoever finds it can ask Siri “Who does this phone belong to?” – from the lock screen? Go ahead, give it a try and see what happens…..
This feature can be great, but depending on how you have your contacts set up, it could be giving out more information than needed, … Continue reading

Social Media: You Can’t Take it with You

Facebook announced a new feature this week called Legacy Contact.  This new feature found in your security settings allows you to leave control of your account to someone upon your death who can memorialize your account for you.  Facebook previously accepted requests from loved ones to have the profile of a deceased removed or memorialized.  … Continue reading

Facebook Terms of Service

Did you see a post like this going viral on Facebook recently?

When you create a Facebook account you agree to Facebook’s Terms of Service.  There is no reason to post or make a statement like the one above.  You have already agreed to the terms of Facebook upon creating an account.  If you are concerned about your posts and information being used inappropriately or falling into the hands of the wrong person, … Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to the Center for Technology Outreach Blog, here at the Mississippi State University – Extension Service Sites. We will have new posts soon, so check back! … Continue reading