Facebook Terms of Service

Did you see a post like this going viral on Facebook recently?

FB big

When you create a Facebook account you agree to Facebook’s Terms of Service.  There is no reason to post or make a statement like the one above.  You have already agreed to the terms of Facebook upon creating an account.  If you are concerned about your posts and information being used inappropriately or falling into the hands of the wrong person, you should review your privacy settings.  To understand and see all of your privacy settings log into your Facebook account on a desktop computer.

Click on the dark blue triangle pointing down.

FB Hoax 1 jpeg

Next select settings

FB Hoax 2

Review all of your settings paying close attention to Privacy and Timeline and Tagging.  If you do not understand or need more explanation on the setting click edit.  A brief explanation will be provided.

FB Hoax 3

To view Facebook’s Terms of Service and other legal documents visit: https://www.facebook.com/legal/terms