Pre-Registration for Queen Rearing Workshop

This year we are providing a catered lunch for participants in the Queen Rearing Workshop. However, we need a head count a few days before the workshop to know how many lunches to order. If you are interested in a complimentary lunch, please pre-register by April 25th. Thank you!!!


Queen Rearing Workshop at MSU

We will be hosting an all-day queen rearing workshop this spring at the Clay Lyle Entomology Bldg. on MSU campus, Saturday, April 30. This workshop will feature grafting and non-grafting techniques, and will allow participants to try their hand at the Doolittle method of grafting larvae. There will be presentations and demonstrations in the morning, lunch on your own, and then we will reconvene for grafting practice in the afternoon. Registration is free, and will be handled on a first come, first serve basis. Maximum 40 participants. Call or email to reserve a spot:

phone: (662) 325-2975


Spring time is the best time of year to raise queens, so don’t miss out on this free educational opportunity! Check back in the next week or two for our program flyer.


Beekeeping Workshop Series in Monroe County

The Monroe County Extension Service is hosting a series of three beekeeping workshops this spring at their Aberdeen office. Click here to learn more.

(The course description below is from Randall Nevins)

1st Meeting Topic: Spring Bee Preparation and Buildup

This workshop is specifically for local private beekeepers that want to learn how to promote and manage bees on their property! We will cover early spring inspections, rules for modern beekeeping, splits, summertime chores, tactics and ideas for success. We will also have demonstrations on beekeeper equipment needed, bee hive box parts and establishment, pest management and much more. Some parts of these sessions will be a “hands-on” learning experience through a series of lessons. Please wear appropriate clothes.

 The first workshop will meet at the Monroe County Extension Office on Thursday, April 7, 2016 at 6:30 PM.  Registration is required for attendance, but there is no fee. Refreshments and reference materials will be provided. So please call (662-369-4951) to register by April 5, 2016

Mark your calendars: Beekeeping Spring Series Dates (all sessions will be at the local Extension office, except where noted):

If you want to have more hives of bees, you will find this workshop series very helpful.  See you there!

Randall Nevins

Extension Agent/County Coordinator

Monroe County MSU Extension Service

517 Highway 145 North, Suite 1

Aberdeen, MS 39730

Office  (662) 369-4951

Fax      (662) 369-3682

Cell     (662) 769-9924

Upcoming Beekeeping Workshops

In case you have not been following our events calendar, here is a list of upcoming bee workshops. Click on the links for registration forms and class information:

March 5th — Beginner Beekeeping Workshop, Natchez, MS — all day event

March 19th — Beginner Beekeeping Short Course, Jackson, MS — all day event

April 2nd — Intermediate Beekeeping Workshop, McComb, MS — all day event


Beginner Short Course Registration OPEN

Our first beekeeping course of the year will be on March 19th in Jackson, MS.  Check out the Events page on our blog site to download a copy of the registration form. Details of the workshop, directions and contact information are listed on the form. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED TO ATTEND THE WORKSHOP. This is a first-come, first-serve event, so get your registration forms in early. Call before you walk-in to be sure we have seats if you are planning to register on site.

See you there!


Wanted: Apiary Location Near Starkville

Attention Beekeepers! The MSU Bee Research Unit needs your help! We are needing a new apiary location for about 25 colonies that is no more than 15 miles from MSU campus. The location must be accessible by truck and preferably somewhere out of view from high traffic roads. A treeline would be preferable, and we will be handling all the apiary prep and upkeep (mowing, trimming branches, etc.), so there will be no maintenance issues associated with the use of this land. The apiary area does not need to be large, but should be away from animals or residences so as not to create liability issues. We will be working these bees frequently throughout the year. If you have a place to accommodate us, please contact Jeff Harris ( or Audrey Sheridan ( We are hoping to move bees out by early March.

Thank you!


Wanted: Frames of Brood for Purchase

An out of state beekeeper is looking to purchase 200 frames of brood for colonies he is bringing down this spring. He will be needing bees by the end of March  If there is anyone in Mississippi who can fill this order, please contact:

Phillip Raines at (815) 988-3766 

Thank you!


Winter Beekeeping Workshop for Beginners

Johnny Thompson and Dr. Jeff Harris are hosting a one-day workshop in Philadelphia, MS for BRAND NEW BEEKEEPERS. Johnny and Jeff will be covering everything you need to know to get started: initial cost, where to buy bees, what equipment you need, how to set up your colonies and how to keep your bees going strong the first year. This will be the last beekeeping workshop of the year, so if you are planning to try your hand at beekeeping next spring, don’t miss out! See flyer for more details.

Thompson Workshop Flyer