2016 MBA Convention

Greetings beekeepers! Registration is open for the 2016 Convention, which will be held this year in Gulfport, MS. Look under the Resources tab on this blog site to find 2017 MBA Membership Renewal and 2016 Convention Registration forms. Also, please read the Letter of Invitation from MBA President Austin Smith for more information about this year’s convention. Hope to see you there!


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  1. Audrey,

    I’m a new participant to the world of beekeeping. Frankly, I’m a greenhorn. I am also like a sponge trying to absorb knowledge. I reside north of Jackson in Bentonia, MS. Two days ago I mailed my application and check to the MS Beekeeping Assn.

    I look forward to going to the convention next month. Do you know if there is a cost associated with my attendance? Also, what should I bring with me?

    1. Hi James,

      Welcome to the fantastic world of honey bee management! The convention registration form is available for download under the Resources tab. There is a registration fee, and hotel information is also provided in the “Letter of Invitation” that accompanies the registration form. The letter is currently posted in our blog, but I am going to make it available under Resources as well. You will not need to bring PPE to this convention, just a pad and pen (or iPad) and an eager mind!


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