Upcoming Beekeeping Workshops

In case you have not been following our events calendar, here is a list of upcoming bee workshops. Click on the links for registration forms and class information:

March 5th — Beginner Beekeeping Workshop, Natchez, MS — all day event

March 19th — Beginner Beekeeping Short Course, Jackson, MS — all day event

April 2nd — Intermediate Beekeeping Workshop, McComb, MS — all day event


4 Replies to “Upcoming Beekeeping Workshops”

  1. Ray,

    I have received no word of an intermediate workshop in Philadelphia. I post them as they come to me, though, so keeping checking back!


  2. Curious to know if you hold advanced workshops as well? I’m running some workshops here in Australia this Spring and looking for ideas to spread the word. May I ask how you get more people to know about your events? I am currently advertising in some facebook groups about beekeeping but they have people from all over the world whereas I’m looking for a more specific local audience.

    1. We use social media (facebook, twitter) to a very limited extent, but we send out a bi-monthly newsletter advertising classes and provide our Extension Service with important dates and announcements. Also, the local bee clubs help to disseminate information that they acquire from our website. While we don’t teach “advanced” workshops per se (though there are some “intermediate” classes for beeks who have kept bees a full year), we have topical workshops in addition to the general beekeeping classes which address things like queen rearing, varroa control and seasonal management. We also host a beekeeping camp that covers a much broader scope of hobby beekeeping.


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