Wanted: Apiary Location Near Starkville

Attention Beekeepers! The MSU Bee Research Unit needs your help! We are needing a new apiary location for about 25 colonies that is no more than 15 miles from MSU campus. The location must be accessible by truck and preferably somewhere out of view from high traffic roads. A treeline would be preferable, and we will be handling all the apiary prep and upkeep (mowing, trimming branches, etc.), so there will be no maintenance issues associated with the use of this land. The apiary area does not need to be large, but should be away from animals or residences so as not to create liability issues. We will be working these bees frequently throughout the year. If you have a place to accommodate us, please contact Jeff Harris (jharris@entomology.msstate.edu) or Audrey Sheridan (asheridan@entomology.msstate.edu). We are hoping to move bees out by early March.

Thank you!