Do you want your local Bee Club to become an MBA Affiliate?

I have had a few emails from members of new regional or county beekeeping clubs who would like for their club to be recognized by the Mississippi Beekeepers Association, and until now I have not known what to tell them.  There was some confusion among MBA board members about the process, but the wrinkles have been ironed out and an official document generated.  Look under our Resources tab (Resources–>MBA Rules and Regulation) for information on how to become a bonafide MBA affiliate.  The deadline for club registration is April 30, so don’t delay!!


First Workshop of 2015

The moment you have all waited for…a date has been decided for our first Beginning Beekeeper Workshop!  The Central Mississippi Beekeepers Association will be hosting the workshop and field day on March 14th in Jackson, MS.  The morning will be filled with informative lectures from seasoned beekeepers and guests such as Dr. Jeff Harris from Mississippi State University. After lunch we will have a “field day” with live colonies for you newcomers to try your hand at working our little fuzzy livestock. Check out the Events tab for details and the Resources tab for a downloadable registration form.

I have also posted information about an Intermediate Beekeeper Workshop, which will be held in April in McComb, MS. This will also be an all-day event, geared towards beekeepers in their second or third year of managing colonies. Again, live colonies will be featured, so bring your hats and veils!



Bee Stewardship Program Information and Flags

For those of you who have been inquiring about them of late, we are out of MS Bee Stewardship Program brochures and “Bee Aware” flags (“Nooooooo!!”).

However, that does not mean they are unavailable.  I have posted a pdf of the brochure and a flyer with ordering information for flags under the Resources tab.  I know you are all wanting free flags, but the freebies were only available through a one-time Farm Bureau grant. We are hoping to find some funding with which to order more brochures and flags this year, but as of now this is the best we can do for you.