A Weekend with the Arkansas Beekeepers

Jeff and I were invited to share our honey bee knowledge with our Arkansas beekeeping friends on October 10 & 11 in stunning Mountain View, AR.  As usual, this group was  focused and full of relevant questions. Jeff gave three bee management talks: VSH Bees, Medicating Bees, and Managing Nutrition;  I gave two bee biology talks: Caste Differentiation and Foraging Behavior.   They were all well-attended and most of them stimulated good discussion….in some cases, very lengthy discussion. We heard several opinions on optimum grafting techniques and the best way to prime queen cups, following my Caste Differentiation talk.  This is what makes giving presentations worthwhile to me–when it gets people talking and sharing ideas!

Despite the wild thunderstorms Thursday night and Friday, we enjoyed staying at the Ozark Folk Center, a quaint village in the mountains where, when you are not attending a bee conference, you can take classes in metalsmithing, brick-making, glass-blowing and a variety of other trades that preceded the technology era. Definitely worth a trip back! Friday evening, Jeff and I met up with Jon Zawislak (Arkansas State Apiarist) and David Burns (Long Lane Honey Bee Farms, Fairmount, Illinois) for dinner to catch up on old times and discuss ideas for beginner beekeeper educational materials.  David and Jon host a regular podcast, “HiveTalk”, a fun and informative call-in show that airs about every three to four weeks.  Check out Episode 10 to hear Jon, David and Jeff at the EAS meeting in Kentucky!

Jeff judged honey entries on Saturday morning, I talked, and we said our farewells to our Arkansas friends.  Hopefully though, one of our friends, Jon Zawislak, will be joining us as a guest speaker at next year’s MBA Conference!


014 Mt View 101014
Jon Zawislak, Jeff, Me and David Burns