Beekeeping Camp Update

DSC00040 (480x640)Our 1st MSU Beekeeping Camp is just ONE week away, and it is going to be an incredible camp. There are a few slots left, and we will fill them with older youth without a parent or individual adults who want to participate. We would rather run full than stick to our original intent of training parent-youth teams! Give Dr. John Guyton (662-325-3482) a call if you are interested. This camp will be a comprehensive introduction to beekeeping.

During camp, we will cover the following topics: equipment and jargon; stings and allergies; setting up a hive; managing pest, diseases and parasites;  feeding bees; mite monitoring; queen rearing; swarm capture and management; producing specialty honeys; harvesting and processing honey and wax;  health benefits of honey, including nutrition and cooking with honey; income from pollination and honey sales….and more. Virtually every activity has a lab associated with it, and we will even tour a commercial bee yard!