Is Mummy Berry Starting Already?

I received the information below from University of Georgia Plant Pathologist Dr. Phil Brannen. It states that in Georgia, mummy berry infection is likely right now due to the warmer weather conditions.  We have also had these conditions in Mississippi, … Continue reading

Some Tidbits Learned from the Southern Blueberry and Fruit Workers Meeting

Recently I attended the Southern Blueberry and Fruit Workers meeting in Atlanta, GA.  It is held as part of the Southern Region of the American Society for Horticultural Science annual conference.  Below are some new things I learned about at … Continue reading

Cherry fruitworm, an emerging pest of Mississippi blueberries

The cherry fruitworm (CFW) is a univoltine moth, native to the U.S., and whose larvae preferentially infest rosaceous and ericaceous fruits. CFW larvae have been confirmed infesting rabbiteye blueberries in Mississippi, and this typically northern pest’s appearance may represent a … Continue reading

Addressing The Top Pests of Mississippi Blueberries

There are many pests of blueberries in Mississippi; however, most of them are easily controlled or do not create an economic amount of damage.  For many years blueberries in Mississippi have been grown with little pest control inputs, especially Rabbiteye … Continue reading