Mississippi Fruit Problems 2015

Every year the Mississippi State University Extension Plant Diagnostic Lab published a list of the pathogens/problems that were identified.  The Lab can be found online here: msucares.com/lab.  In 2015 several pathogens/problems were seen on fruit crop plants in Mississippi.  Below is … Continue reading

Mississippi Vaccinium Journal Oct-Dec 2015

The latest issue of the Mississippi Vaccinium Journal is out. In it several topics are covered including some SWD research, red leaf color, government programs, revised publications, and more.  Check it out by downloading the PDF at the link below: … Continue reading

Beware Buying Fruit Plants at the Big Box Stores

I only write this as a public service message.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not necessarily blaming big box stores for their inventory.  I don’t know how some of the varieties are chosen and how they are labeled, but … Continue reading

2013 Gulf South Blueberry Growers Association Field Day in Mississippi

The 2013 Blueberry Growers Field Day & Trade Show will be held 8:00 AM, October 10, 2013 at Blue River Farm in Covington County, Mississippi. You are invited to attend the 2013 Gulf South Blueberry Growers Association Blueberry Growers Field … Continue reading

Cherry fruitworm, an emerging pest of Mississippi blueberries

The cherry fruitworm (CFW) is a univoltine moth, native to the U.S., and whose larvae preferentially infest rosaceous and ericaceous fruits. CFW larvae have been confirmed infesting rabbiteye blueberries in Mississippi, and this typically northern pest’s appearance may represent a … Continue reading