Mississippi Chill Hour Accumulation

I have previously wrote on the topic of chill hours, but I also get a lot of requests for what the accumulated hours are for the season.  This year I will be posting them on this site on the page … Continue reading

Attack of the Walnut Caterpillar

The Walnut Caterpillar (aka Walnut Datana) (Datana integerrima) is a common pest of pecan trees.  The adults are moths with light-brown wings marked with dark-brown, wavy lines.  The hind wings are lighter brown and without lines.  The moths are about … Continue reading

Alliance for Sustainable Agricultural Production Field Day

On March 21, I will be at this field day to talk about fruit varieties and site selection for fruit crops.  To get more info, read below and download the pdf at the link.  Once the field day is over … Continue reading

Basic Pecan Production Practices

Last week I was in Wiggins and gave a presentation on basic pecan production practices to an enthusiastic group of attendees.  Many were wanting to renovate their existing trees, but some were interested in planting a new orchard.  I promised … Continue reading

Fruit Problems Reported in Mississippi 2013

Each year the MSU Plant Diagnostic Clinic compiles a list of diseases/insects/disorders they see during the year.  Below are those that were seen in 2013.  You can access the entire list here: http://msucares.com/lab/2013list.pdf The general format of the list shows … Continue reading

MS Farm to School Trainings 2014

Just a reminder about the upcoming Farm to School Trainings; the first one will be this Friday, January 10 in Jackson, MS.  Growers and School Nutrition Directors are invited to attend!   Mississippi Market Ready Mississippi Market Ready Training is back with a … Continue reading

Politics and Agriculture

What do politics and agriculture have to do with each other?  A lot.  And unfortunately not all farmers/growers/producers realize this.  Agriculture is a complex web of connected parts — there are growers, suppliers, researchers, educators, consumers, consultants, etc. that all … Continue reading

Food-Safety Workshops

Fruit and vegetable growers can learn techniques to make their produce safer for the consumer during one of four upcoming Mississippi State University workshops. Specialists with the MSU Extension Service and the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station will conduct … Continue reading

Site Selection Considerations for Orchards and Vineyards

Yesterday I was in Choctaw, Mississippi giving talk at the Mississippi Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association annual conference.  The topic I delivered was “Site Selection Consideration for Orchards and Vineyards”.  As I promised, I have put the entire presentation at … Continue reading