Botrytis on Blueberries

With the last frost/freeze event followed by cool, wet weather, blueberries in Mississippi are prime for botrytis infection.  To stave off infection, steps should be (and probably should have already been) taken to arrest the pathogen.  Refer to my post … Continue reading

2014 Blueberry Workshop Presentation — SWD Update

The dreaded Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) is drawing a lot of interest from blueberry growers in Mississippi.  Some growers have had serious issues with it, but others have not yet been impacted.  It is only a matter of time until … Continue reading

Fruit Problems Reported in Mississippi 2013

Each year the MSU Plant Diagnostic Clinic compiles a list of diseases/insects/disorders they see during the year.  Below are those that were seen in 2013.  You can access the entire list here: The general format of the list shows … Continue reading

Critical Resources for Southern Fruit Growers

The Southern Region Small Fruits Consortium has a mission to involve collaborative efforts at various sites across the region between small fruit growers and grower organizations, industries and service organizations allied with and/or serving small fruit growers, agricultural extension programs and … Continue reading

Fungicide applications affect fruit diseases and quality of muscadine grape

Another teaser for the 2013 Muscadine Field Day — see the abstract below provided by Dr. Barbara Smith, USDA-ARS Plant Pathologist. Fungicides can significantly reduce losses due to disease in the yield and quality of muscadine grapes. In four studies … Continue reading