New Home for This Blog

Soon, this blog will be moving to the official Mississippi State University website. Currently, all blogs are housed at, but those may also move in the future.  So for the time being it is likely this blog will be there if you care to find it.

I plan to continue on and do the same types of posts there as I have done here. I hope you will follow along on this new journey.

2 thoughts on “New Home for This Blog

  1. Currently interested in how to zinc pecan trees. Using Green Thumb 16 oz hose end sprayer and dissolving Zinc Sulfate and applying at a rate of 1.25 tablespoons to each 20+ foot tree. Have 10 trees of nominal 20 ft size and 10 smaller trees that I applied at 1/2 the rate. Have no idea of how much to apply. Only used 1 pound or less from a 4 pound bag of product to spray all 20 trees. How can I determine a proper application rate?

    • The typical rate for zinc sulfate is 2 to 3 pounds per 100 gallons. At the 2 lb rate in 1 gallon of water it is 4 tsp (= 2/3 dry ounce). At the 3 lb rate in 1 gallon of water is 2 tbsp (= 1 dry ounce = 1/8 cup = 28.3 g).

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