Basic Pecan Production Practices

Last week I was in Wiggins and gave a presentation on basic pecan production practices to an enthusiastic group of attendees.  Many were wanting to renovate their existing trees, but some were interested in planting a new orchard.  I promised that I would post that presentation on this blog, so lo and behold, the link to the PDF is below.

Basics of Pecan Production

There is considerable interest in Mississippi about pecan production, but most of it is for homeowner use and not commercial.  Most of the commercial production is in the Delta, but South Mississippi has a rich history in pecan production.  Unfortunately, hurricanes have had a devastating effect on orchards over the years.

Hopefully the tips in the above presentation will get you started on putting your pecan trees back into production.  It is not always an easy, quick, or inexpensive proposition, but it is always rewarding.

2 thoughts on “Basic Pecan Production Practices

  1. Eric, I need you help with something. I want to add the link into my newsletter so growers can see the PPT on Pecans you have here. I don’t know how to get the link for them. Can you email me the link that I can put directly into the newsletter that they can go to and see this? Thanks, JW

    • Click on the link, then look at the URL address bar. Copy that and insert into your newsletter. It will then go directly to the pdf of the PPT presentation.

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