Fruit Varieties: New Choices

Yesterday I gave a presentation at the Mid-South Green Industry Conference that was held in Pearl, Mississippi.  The title was Fruit Varieties: New Choices and the Proper Choices.  It was the first time I presented to this group.  First I covered some basics on fruit variety selection, then dove into specific recommended and new varieties.  If you wish to see the presentation as a pdf, click the link below:

Fruit Varieties MSGIC

My favorite part of the presentation was delivering the “Appropriate Variety” equation, which is:

AV = [(G x E) +((SS x M) + LE))]xL
You will need to look at the presentation to understand the components.  It got a good laugh during the talk because it looks so complicated.

3 thoughts on “Fruit Varieties: New Choices

  1. Thanks for presenting. Sorry I missed your talk. Was tending to the landscape session. See you soon.

    • Allen:
      No worries, the talk went fine. With concurrent sessions it is difficult to see everything you want to see.

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