Mississippi 24C Special Local Need Label for Malathion 8 Flowable

This just in from Dr. Blake Layton.  Spotted Wing Drosophila may be a problem for blueberry growers, so a special local need label was pursued for Malathion 8 Flowable.  More details below:

“Mississippi now has a 24c Special Local Need Label to allow use of Gowan Malathion 8 Flowable at rates up to 2.5 pints/acre on commercial blueberries for control of spotted wing drosophila.

Malathion 8 Flowable is already labeled for use on blueberries at rates up to 1.25 pints/acre, with a maximum of 3 applications per year.

This 24c label specifically lists spotted wing drosophila as a target pest and allows use at rates up to 2.5 pints/acre, with a maximum of 2 applications per year, and a 1 day pre-harvest interval.

This request was made because experience and data from other states indicates that the 2.5 pint per acre rate provides better control of spotted wing drosophila than the lower rate.   However, growers should be aware that increasing rates also increases potential for problems with residual odor and pesticide residues on harvested produce.   

You can access a copy of this label by going to: www.cdms.net/LabelsMsds/LMDefault.aspx?t=

Then type “malathion” in the box for “Brand Name” and click “Search”

Then click on the label for Malathion 8 Flowable, Gowan Company

Then click on the “24c Registration, MS

For information on other control options for spotted wing drosophila see Bug-Wise Newsletter No. 1 of 2013, Spotted Wing Drosophila Control in Commercial Small Fruits.  This is available at: http://msucares.com/newsletters/pests/bugwise/2013/bw01.pdf

Blake Layton, Ph.D.

Extension Entomology Specialist

Department of Entomology
Box 9775,
Mississippi State, MS  39762