Budgeting for Fruit Growing Enterprises

Establishing a fruit crop business can be cash intensive, therefore it is best to have as much information up front as possible.  The Mississippi State University Agricultural Economics Department has some budget publications that help get you started.  Below is the list:

Blueberries: http://www.agecon.msstate.edu/what/farm/budget/pdf/10/Blueberry10.pdf

Blackberries: http://www.agecon.msstate.edu/what/farm/budget/pdf/10/Blackberry10.pdf

Figs: http://www.agecon.msstate.edu/what/farm/budget/pdf/10/CommercialFig10.pdf

Muscadines: http://www.agecon.msstate.edu/what/farm/budget/pdf/10/Muscadine10.pdf

Peaches: http://www.agecon.msstate.edu/what/farm/budget/pdf/10/Peach10.pdf

Pecans: http://www.agecon.msstate.edu/what/farm/budget/pdf/10/Pecan10.pdf

Strawberries: http://www.agecon.msstate.edu/what/farm/budget/pdf/10/Strawberry10.pdf

Wine Grapes: http://www.agecon.msstate.edu/what/farm/budget/pdf/10/WineGrapes10.pdf

You can also generate your own budget by using the MS Budget Generator that can be found on this page: http://www.agecon.msstate.edu/what/farm/generator/

Knowing upfront costs and expenditures is very important in establishing a commercial business — if you don’t know what you spend how will you know when you make money?  These tools help take some of the guess work out of it.