Why Does My Plant Have Upside-down Buds?

I recently received this question from someone.  The plants we are talking about here are one blackberry and one raspberry.  See the photos below:

Raspberry with buds pointing downward.

Raspberry with buds pointing downward.

Blackberrry with buds pointing downward.

Blackberry with buds pointing downward.

It is probably easier to see in the blackberry photo.  All of the buds point down toward the root system.  There are a couple of explanations for this — one is that cuttings were taken and stuck upside down in the growing media.  Another is that the canes were either tip layered or “air layered”.  Once they rooted then the part of the cane attached to the mother plant was cut off.  That part has the buds pointing down.  But don’t fear, new canes will arise from the root system and look normal.  The portion with the down pointing canes can be left or cut off after planting.