Looking Back at This Blog in 2012

Today is the last day I will be in my office before the holidays, so I wanted to end up with a retrospective glance at 2012 (of course this would all seem pointless if the Mayans turn out to be correct, but I digress…) in an “awards” sort of way (we are in that season too, at least for film awards).

Now for the drum roll………..and this year’s winners are:

Best Month: July, 2012 with 1,181 views

Best Day: November 7, 2012 with 90 views

Year-to-date total views: 7,833

Top 5 Views by Country (since Feb. 25 when WordPress began this service):

U.S. with 5,681 views

Canada with 247 views

U.K. with 180 views

Australia with 120 views

India with 116 views

Total number of countries that viewed this blog: 102

Top 5 Referrers to this blog:

Search Engines (Google was tops) with 5,328 views

Twitter with 134 views

Facebook with 52 views

Yahoo mail with 38 views

bittman.blogs.nytimes.com with 34 views

Top 5 search terms that led to this blog:

Blackberry diseases, 160 times

Osage blackberry, 38 times

African fig fly, 27 times

Holes in tree bark, 24 times

Zaprionus indianus gupta virginiana, 22 times

Top 5 posts (aside from the homepage):

Blackberry diseases with 376 views

Holes in tree bark with 266 views

How to get the most out of your fungicide sprays with 140 views

Cedar Apple Rust on Mayhaw with 115 views

New Table Grape Varieties from University of Arkansas with 106 views

Top 5 clicked links:

Osage blackberry overview, 50 times

Table grapes overview, 44 times

North Carolina blueberry chill model, 22 times

eViticulture.org, 22 times

Smallfruits.org newsletter, 18 times

So, there you have it.  The blog year 2012 in numbers — except for one more.  I wrote 146 posts this year.  That averages to (roughly) one post every 2.8 days.  Not sure how many words that is, but must be quite a few.  At any rate, I hope to improve on all of these numbers in 2013.  Thanks for reading in 2012 and hope you are back for more in 2013.