2012 Muscadine Field Day Response Form

Did you learn anything from the information published on this blog?  If so (or even if not) I would like to hear from you.  Copy the form below, paste it into Word, fill it out, and email it to me.  This way I know what we are doing that is making an impact and helping you grow better muscadine grapes.

2012 Muscadine Field Day Response Form (email to estafne@ext.msstate.edu)

I heard about the Field Day from:

_______Blog (msfruitextension.wordpress.com)


_______Internet search

_______Other: ___________________

I learned:

Not much        A little             Some               A Lot

(0-10%)           (10-25%)         (25-50%)         (50-100%)


10 Steps to growing Muscadines       __________

Muscadine Cultivars                          ____________

Nutritional Aspects of Muscadines    __________

Fertilizing Muscadine Grapes            ___________

Control of Muscadine Diseases         ___________

Muscadine Insect Pests                      ____________

Overall                                                       ____________

I would like to learn more about:

Fresh (Eating)             Process (Jams,etc.)      Juice                Wine

Muscadine Grapes      ____________

Bunch Grapes               ____________

I prefer to learn about Grapes:

________In a class

________At a field day/workshop


________Printed publications

Did the information in this field day save you any money? ____Yes (if yes, provide an estimate if possible $__________).

_______No.  _________I don’t know.

If you have other comments please write them on the back of this paper.  Thank you.