Your Chance to Have a Hand in History

Help name Cornell’s newest grapes!

 It’s hard to come up with new winegrape names- they have to be unique, distinctive, and descriptive, look good on a wine bottle, and meet a variety of complicated legal specifications that you don’t even want to think about.

Even more important, you have to like them- because we hope we’ll be seeing the name of these grapes on wine bottles in the near future!

So the Cornell Grape Breeding Program is challenging YOU- the wine industry of NY- to help us come up with names for two new wine grapes.

If you’d like to try your hand at naming grapes, take a look at the variety descriptions for NY 76.0844.24 and NY 95.0301.01 below.  Be as creative as you like, keeping in mind that names have to be unique- no reruns- and should be designed to sell varietal wine.  Send as many creative names as you can think of to Bruce Reisch at by July 27, 2012, and we’ll put them on the list.  We’ll do the all the legal footwork to check for trademark violations and such, compile a shortlist of possibilities, and have a name for you soon!

If your name is chosen, you’ll be acknowledged at the variety introduction and in publicity related to the event.  (Sorry, no cash award- but just think of the lasting glory and fame!)

Thanks for your help, and we look forward to seeing your creative names!

Bruce Reisch & Anna Katharine Mansfield

Meet the Grapes:

NY76.0844.24, a white wine selection, ranks very high for winter hardiness and productivity. The estimated temperature of 50% primary bud kill in mid-winter is –17 F, and cold damage to trunks is rare. Wine quality is excellent, showing aromatic characters that panelists compare to Gewürztraminer or a citrusy Muscat.

NY95.0301.01 is a red wine selection, and will be the first introduction to originate from the “no-spray” portion of the Geneva breeding program.  It’s highly resistant to both downy and powdery mildews, making it a good choice for sustainable or organic growers. The wine is dark red with little or no hybrid character, and exhibits moderate body, good structure, and blueberry on the palate.