Blueberry DVDs

The following is from the Gulf South Blueberry Growers Association:

Dear Blueberry Grower:

 Finally, the long awaited, long discussed, DVDs are printed, duplicated and ready for distribution. These instructional and informational DVDs have been in the works for several years and the finished product is ready for distribution.  

 We have developed two sets of DVDs.

One is an Instructional DVD that covers blueberry production from site selection to grading and marketing. This DVD, entitled “Establishment and Production of Blueberries” includes information on site selection, site preparation, planting, irrigation, plant maintenance, harvesting procedures, grading, packing and shipping and post-harvest maintenance. This DVD took a couple of years to produce because it depicts events that occur at various times during the year beginning with site selection before planting, then planting during the dormant season and continuing through harvest into post-harvest maintenance in late summer.  The purpose of this DVD is to show blueberry production from the planning stage to maturity and discuss harvesting and packing the fruit to get it to market.     

 The other is a 4 DVD set of ”Educational Seminars” consisting of footage filmed at various meetings, conferences and seminars we have had over the past several years.  This 4 DVD set includes the following talks:

Disc 1 – Blueberry Varieties

             Performance of Rabbiteye Blueberry Varieties Released from the North Carolina Breeding Program – Dr. Jim Ballington, North Carolina State Univ.

             Rabbiteye Blueberry Varieties for a Competitive Blueberry Industry – Dr. John Braswell, MSU

             Rabbiteye Blueberry Variety Trial Evaluation – Dr. Donna Marshall, USDA-ARS

             Early Ripening Blueberry Cultivars for Commercial Production – Dr. Steve Stringer, USDA-ARS

  Disc 2 – Government Aid and Cultural Practices

             PACA Rights for Growers – Evert Gonzalez

             Market Maker: A Market Planning Tool for Direct Marketers – Dr. Kim Morgan, MSU

             Blueberry Crop Insurance – Larry McMaster – USDA

             Growing Blueberries Successfully – Arnold Caylor, Auburn University

                  Growing Blueberries in Highly Amended Soils –  Dr. Jeff Williamson, University of Florida

 Disc 3 – Insect Pest Control and Fungicide Management

                Insect Pest Control on Blueberries – Dr. Blair Sampson, USDA-ARS

                Advances in Southern Blueberry Entomology – Dr. Blair Sampson, USDA-ARS

                Blueberry Fungicides – Dr. David Ingram, MSU

            Evaluation of Fungicides for the Management of Exobasidium vaccinii in Rabbiteye Blueberries – Dr. David Ingram, MSU

 Disc 4 – Industry Outlook

            The Status and Future of the Global Processed Blueberry Market – Loman Brown, Loman Brown, Inc.

            The Status and Future of the National and International Blueberry Industry – Brian Bocock, Naturipe, Inc.

                 Blueberry Trends and Market Challenges – Mark Villata, USHBC


These instructional DVDs are being made available to members and non-members of the Gulf South Blueberry Growers Association for the following cost:

 Educational Seminars, 4 DVD set – Members – $10.00/set,  Non-members – $20.00/set

 Establishment and Production of Blueberries – Members – $5.00/DVD,  Non-members – $10.00/DVD

 Handling and postage is $5.00 per complete set.

 A complete set of DVDs including the Educational Seminars and Establishment and Production of Blueberries and shipping is $20.00 for members and $35.00 for non-members.

 An order blank is here (DVD order form). Please complete the information on the order form and send it to me along with a check and I will get the DVDs right out to you.

 If you are not current with your dues, a membership form is here (Membership Application GSBGA). You can send the completed form in, along with your dues and I will get you on the membership list. The Gulf South Blueberry Growers Association is very active in the local Blueberry Industry and is well worth supporting with your membership.

 Thank you. If you have questions or comments, please let me know.

 John Braswell, Ph.D., Secretary