Introduction to Arboriculture Short Course

Led by qualified instructors from the Mississippi State University Extension Service an the professional Arborist Association of Mississippi, this short course is designed to provide students with a basic knowledge of arboriculture. As a result of attending this course, students will be well-prepared to take the Certified Arborist Exam. The short course will employ a webinar format with class interaction occurring through email and chatroom. Many students will be professional tree workers; however, Master Gardeners, Master Urban Foresters, Master Naturalists, and anyone interested in trees are welcome to enroll.



Pruning Young Trees

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Proper pruning starting when trees are young is essential in developing a strong tree with desirable form. Start pruning a young tree after the first one or two growing seasons after it has adjusted to its landscape. Pruning young trees should focus on the 5 essential steps to structural pruning: (1) clean dead branches, (2) establish a central leader, (3) establish lowest permanent branches, (4) establish scaffold branches, and (5) establish temporary branches to help create stem taper (which will make the tree stronger. A tree that has been planted in an appropriate location and pruned starting at a young age will result in a healthier mature tree that is less expensive to maintain.