SHORT COURSE: Proactive Emerald Ash Borer Management: Maintaining Desirable Forest Landscapes; 6-16-2017; Kosciusko, MS

If you own or manage ash trees, you should most definitely be interested in attending this course. The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is an invasive insect that targets ash trees, and now surrounds Mississippi. You will learn about detection & risk; alternative species and regeneration options; strategies before and after EAB; and the market outlook for ash timber. For more details and registration form, click on this LINK.

FIELD DAY: Multi-County Spring Forestry Tour; West Point, MS; 5-13-2017

Got a “hankering” to spend a few hours in the outdoors picking up some good forestry info before Mississippi gets HOT? Then sign up for this Spring tour; learn about logging and wild hog control – some of the latest trapping techniques and equipment along with a pine genetics plot tour. Clink on this LINK and take a look at the flyer for details.

WORKSHOP: Pine Thinning – 2nd Thinning; Collins, MS, 04/29/17

This 2nd Thinning workshop covers many “why(s) of thinning as a management tool in pine plantations. Among them, a 2nd thinning provides income to the landowner while at the same time increasing the growth rate of the remaining stems, and opening up the canopy to increased sunlight needed for the establishment of browse for wildlife. Get the details and registration form by clicking on this LINK.

SHORT COURSE: Alternative Sources of Forest Income, Tate County, MS, 05/12/17

Short Course: Some of the various alternative sources of income from your forest land include; agroforestry, pine straw production, Christmas tree production, hunting/fishing/other recreational leases; crafts markets and specialty woods, firewood… and more. Some important things to consider for many private landowners on the long-term process of growing timber. Check out the brochure and registration slip by clicking on this LINK.