“The Overstory” Forestry Extension Newsletter, 4th Quarter 2015

Articles you will find in this quarter’s newsletter cover subjects about the survival or extinction of the American chestnut tree, best management practices for water diversion structures, the second part of problems with managing hardwood plantations — and yes, the answer to the “Mystery of the Yellow Bush”. Click the post and then the live LINK to read them all.

“The Overstory” Forestry Extension Newsletter, 2nd Quarter 2015

In this edition you will find articles on Forest Succession and the Land Manager, the Mississippi Landowner Tree Improvement Cooperative, the signs of Emerald Ash Borer, and our a little something about our newest Forestry Extension Associate in Grenada, as well our regulars: Delta Hardwoods, and the MS Timber Price Report. Check it all out at this LINK.


The 1st Quarter “Overstory” newsletter covers a number of subjects. The Coordinator’s Desk gives some highlights of the Extension Forestry educational programs conducted in 2014. The feature article discusses whether forest landowners have to use BMPs. There is a short article on Timber Bid Opening Ethics, and a longer presentation on Silviculture and Economics of Even and Uneven Aged Management of Bottomland Hardwoods in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley.  You will also find the continuing sections: Delta Hardwoods, and the Mississippi Timber Price Report. A good read – find it at this LINK.


Be sure you read the 4th Quarter Overstory newsletter at this LINK —articles on Christmas tree selection, logging practices, managing hardwoods for acorns, planting longleaf pine, and the timber price report. The Coordinator’s desk talks about the fantastic awards garnered by members of the Forestry Extension group in 2014!

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The feature article in the 3rd Quarter “Overstory” is about how to increase revenue by planting high level of pine genetics. The article under “Delta Hardwoods” gives viable (and perhaps better) alternative species to sawtooth oak when the objective is production of winter mast. There is also a very good article on the importance of estate planning for the landowner. Click on this LINK to read them all!

“The Overstory” 2nd Quarter – May 2014

The Overstory newsletter for the 2nd quarter 2014 contains articles on a variety of subjects. The feature article is on growing and marketing utility poles in pine plantations. There is also an interesting article on consulting foresters in Mississippi – services & fees, as well as the regular features. Check them all out at this link!