FOREST ETHICS: Short Notice – Second Chance: Leakesville, MS, 12/1/15

REGISTERED FORESTERS: Another chance if you need Forest Ethics prior to the end of BORF 2-year cycle (This may be your last opportunity before the end of the year)

DECEMBER 1, 2015, 5:00 PM,  Beat 1 Community Center in Green County; 1445 High School Road, Leakesville, MS

NO REGISTRATION FEE:  Call 601-394-2702 To register or for further info

SHORT COURSE: Ties to the Land; Jackson, MS; 11-18-15

A short course addressing communication, emotional and legal aspects of succession
planning. “It’s never too soon or too late to help your heirs develop ties to the land.”  Good information even if these are not issues you are presently having to address. Check out the brochure at this LINK for further information.