Heifer Price Seasonality

Last week we looked at steer price seasonal patterns in Mississippi (view that post HERE). This week, we are examining the same story but for heifer prices. The back story from last week about why seasonality matters is the same for heifers as it is for steers. Rather than repeat it, I’m going to focus on some seasonal differences between steers and heifers. … Continue reading

A Second Look at the 2018 Farm Bill

As we begin to digest the details of the 2018 Farm Bill, I was given the opportunity to provide the webinar discussing the provisions of the bill.  More details will come out over time.  We will continue work to provide timely information as the bill is implemented.
http://extension.msstate.edu/agriculture/agricultural-economicsContinue reading

Calf Price Seasonal Patterns

The fundamentals of cattle markets in 2019 do not currently send a clear higher or lower signal for calf prices this year. Larger supplies but great beef demand have kept calf prices in a pretty close range the past two years. That is still the story in early 2019. An unexpected shift could happen; but droughts, … Continue reading

Bred Cow Values Lower in 2018

The following commentary is a mix of my own commentary and that from the Livestock Marketing Information Center. 

Bred cow prices at auctions during the last quarter of 2018 were down 10-20% from a year earlier in key cattle production regions. USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) reported average prices in Georgia auctions for 1200-1300# cows bred 4-6 months earlier at $912.30 per head in December versus an average price in December 2017 of $1119.89, … Continue reading

Missing Reports

This week’s article (below) comes from Dr. Brenda Boetel at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. I have lightly edited it to add more information. I found it to be an interesting example of the value of information. In the senior-level Commodity Futures Marketing course I teach at MSU, we spend a few weeks discussing how markets work and what it takes to ensure they are efficient.Continue reading

Cattle Auction Receipts

Approximately 323,000 head of cattle ran through Mississippi auctions in 2018 according to data from the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce and the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service. This was down about four percent from 2017 but about four percent higher than the 2012 to 2016 average. Sales in the early months of 2018 were lower than during the same months of 2017 as shown in the graph. … Continue reading

Beef Cattle Market: Year in Review and a Look Ahead. Pt. 2: Demand

Happy New Year! This week’s article is part two of a two-part Supply and Demand series that began before Christmas. You can find Part 1 by clicking HERE
Domestic Beef Demand
While the larger supplies discussed in Part 1 will remain the biggest headwind to stronger prices in 2019, … Continue reading

A First Look at the Farm Bill

So we have a new Farm Bill if, as all signs suggest, the President signs the new legislation.  The bill is estimated to cost $428 billion over the next 5 years and $867 over the next 10 years according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).  Over 76% of the cost is estimated to be for the Nutrition title of the bill.   … Continue reading

Beef Cattle Market: Year in Review and a Look Ahead. Pt. 1: Supply

Large supplies, record exports, and trade concerns are just a few of the topics that have dominated the headlines in 2018. Amidst all of these factors, calf prices have shown relatively consistent strength throughout the year. 2019 will likely bring a flat year in national herd growth which will position the industry at a pivotal point for supplies and prices moving forward. … Continue reading

Cull Cow Market Struggles to Find a Bottom

This week’s article comes from Dr. Derrell Peel at Oklahoma State University. I wrote about the cull cow market a few weeks ago (available here) and I found Dr. Peel’s comments today to be valuable info to add to the ongoing narrative on cull cow markets. Above is a seasonal index for cull cow prices.Continue reading